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2013 Toyota Avalon

Auto Guide - 2013 Avalon Review

The 2013 Avalon -- Interior Design

The Reimagined 2013 AVALON

All-New 2013 Avalon Combines More Emotional Styling, Improved Dynamic Performance, and Greater Refinement to Help Reposition Toyota's Flagship Sedan Within the Segment

We've Had a Little Work Done

Designed and assembled in America, the reimagined 2013 Avalon is the perfect storm of look and feel. We set out to combine next-level design with signature Avalon comfort and ease. The result? Ideal driving conditions.

Go By Feel

Building on a heritage of ergonomic excellence, the new Avalon boasts no shortage of interior refinement. With plush, next-generation interior details and a ride as spacious as it is silent, the 2013 Avalon represents a sea change in the art and science of comfort.

A True Luminary

Touch-sensitive controls make the act of button pushing surprisingly rewarding. The 2013 Avalon's tap touch technology turns details like adjusting the heat and audio navigation into simple pleasures. Sometimes life is all about the details.

For 2013, Toyota has dramatically altered the chemistry of Avalon's formula, creating a new potent and persuasive sedan that helps shift the product's generational appeal while symbolizing Toyota's exciting new design and product direction for future sedans. 

"The 2013 Avalon showcases Toyota car-building prowess and infuses the Avalon nameplate with new levels of excitement, dynamic capability, and refinement", said Bill Fay, Group Vice President and General Manager Toyota Division. Relying heavily on the Calty Design Research (Newport Beach, Calif. and Ann Arbor, Mich.) design and Toyota Technical Center-Ann Arbor's (TTC-AA) engineering expertise, the new Avalon is a vastly enhanced product that utilizes Toyota's best in-market car-building resources to produce this new world-class sedan, and makes a statement. 

"The point of the new Avalon is to show the market that 'Toyota is Back!' It will lead the charge for great styling, great handling performance, and the highest and best level of technologies," said Randy Stephens, chief engineer of Avalon. 

The all-new 2013 Avalon will combine passionate styling, innovation, and an elevated level of craftsmanship to help reposition Toyota's flagship sedan within the highly competitive premium mid-size segment.

The 2013 Avalon -- Eye Candy

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